Sylvester 5-days

26 - 30 december 2022

Join us for 5 days of orienteering
in Belgium & the Netherlands.

Sylvester 5 days is a forest orienteering festival organised by four Belgian and one Dutch orienteering club. This year we prepared 5 unique maps for you in terrains that normally aren’t available to the public. Will you join us between Christmas and New Years eve to end 2022 in orienteering style?


Map: Waterschei

  • Course setter: G. Deferme
  • Controller: Wiet Laenen
  • Competition Centre: Vliegveld Waterschei Vliegplein 1 Genk
  • Coordinates:
  • Signpost: 

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More Info:

  • Distance Parking-CC: 
  • Distance CC-start: 1000m
  • Distance Finish-CC: 1000m
  • Secretariat open: 08u30 – 14u30
  • Start: between: 11u00 – 13u00



  • Cafetaria: Yes
  • Changing rooms: Yes
  • Showers: No

Map: Weelde Depot

  • Course setter: Will Allards
  • Controller: Frederik Loeckx
  • Competition Centre: Weelde Depot. Geeneinde 54, 2381 Ravels
  • Coordinates: 51.40168   4.97345
  • Signpost: 

More Info:

  • Distance Parking-CC: 0m
  • Distance CC-start:
  • Distance Finish-CC: 
  • Secretariat open: 08u30 – 14u30
  • Start: between: 10u00 – 12u00


  • Cafetaria: yes
  • Changing rooms: no
  • Showers: no

Map: Brouwhuisseheide

  • Course setter: Garnt Swinkels
  • Controller: –
  • Competition Centre: Café zaal Thijssen – Pastoriestraat, 20 Vlierden
  • Coordinates: 51.4446, 5.75844
  • Signpost: 9F37CQV5+R9

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More Info:

  • Distance Parking-CC: 50-300m
  • Distance CC-start: 1100m
  • Distance Finish-CC: 1200m
  • Secretariat open: 08u30 – 14u30
  • Start: between: 10u00 – 12u00


  • Cafetaria: Yes
  • Changing rooms: Yes
  • Showers: Yes

Map: Masy Zuid

  • Course setter: Albert Van Caneghem
  • Controller: Henrik Lisby
  • Competition Centre: F.C. DE HUTTE. Berkenstraat 76 A te 3530 Houthalen-Helchteren
  • Coordinates:
  • Signpost: 

Download Briefing

More Info:

  • Distance Parking-CC: 100m
  • Distance CC-start: 1950m
  • Distance Finish-CC: 1950m
  • Secretariat open: 08u30 – 14u30
  • Start: between: 10u00 – 12u00


  • Cafetaria: yes
  • Changing rooms: yes
  • Showers: yes

Map: Solterheide

  • Course setter: Marc Kerckhofs
  • Controller: Henrik Lisby
  • Competition Centre: FC Opitter in de Opstraat 81 Bree
  • Coordinates: 51.1171, 5.64517
  • Signpost: 9F374J8W+R3

More Info:

  • Distance Parking-CC: 100m
  • Distance CC-start: 100m
  • Distance Finish-CC: 100m
  • Secretariat open: 08u30 – 14u30
  • Start: between: 10u00 – 12u00


  • Cafetaria:
  • Changing rooms:
  • Showers:

General info.

CourseCategoriesDistances LD
3M20, M21, M357500m
4M-18, M40, M456500m
5W21, MB, M-16, M505500m
6W-18, W-20, W35, W40, M555000m
8WB, W-16, W45, W50, M-144000m
9W-14, W55, W60, M654000m
10W65, M703300m
11W70, W75, W80+, M75, M80, M85+3000m
12W-12, M-122800m
13W-10A, M-10A not guided;  W-10B, M-10B guided2500m
14LD (Long Difficult)7500m
15SD (Short Difficult)4000m
16SE (Short Easy)3000m
17MM (Medium Middle)5500m
18Children-O, registration on place+/- 1300m
  • Deadline for registration is 15 Dec.
  • For members of OV and FRSO: via O-punch.
  • For non OV- or FRSO-members and foreigners: Will be through Orienteering Online.
  • The courses SD, LD, SE en MM will have free starting times.
  • Accompanied children must enroll in category W-10B or M-10B and shall report the name of their supervisor via; the supervisors will get an early starttime as well as a free copy of the map. An accompanied W/M-10 (one day or more) cannot be classified!

The registration lists will be available at

Please check your entry/entries, SI number and category!


 CategorieEntry feeRent SI-finger **
Registration SE, SD, MM, LD

W/M -18

W/M +18

€ 10,00/day

€ 15,00/day

€ 1,00/day

€ 2,00/day

Registration Sylvester 5 Days (age Categorie)



€ 35,00

€ 50,00

€ 5,00

€ 10,00

Entry on the day (only SE, SD, MM, LD)




€ 12,00/day

€ 17,00/day

€ 1,00/day

€ 1,00/day

€ 2,00/day

** We ask a guarantee of € 50 in cash for the rent of an SI-finger or a forfeit (such as drivers-license/identity card/credit-card/…). You recover the € 50/forfeit after giving back the SI-finger. Please no payment by bank transfer for this guarantee!

  • OV & FRSO members: payment by club
  • For foreigners payment by bank transfer before Dec. 16  to Orienteering Vlaanderen. Tervantstraat 2B, 3583 Paal-Beringen, Belgium. CRELAN Bank – IBAN: BE22 1030 6021 5547- BIC: NICABEBB
  • Bank Adress: Crelan NV, Sylvain Dupuislaan 251, 1070 Brussel.
  • Registration is only effective after full payment is received. Bank charges are to be paid by subscriber.
  • Please indicate in the notice of transfer your name and Sylvester5.
  • Participants from non-euro countries can pay in cash on site (in euro, no credit-cards) on condition of a prior consent via
  • Start times will be available on Helga by December 20th at the latest.
  • When making starting lists, the organiser will consider personal requests only in exceptional cases (air traffic-time, guiding children, working hours) when requested before Dec. 1st via
  • Youngsters of category -10 (both accompanied and non-accompanied) have a free starting time. Take care: compagnions must have run their race beforehand.
  • The chestnumber for members of OV- and FRSO-clubs will be handed over on their first day of participation.
  • The chestnumber of foreign participants are available at the secretariat after full payment on the first day of participation.
  • Participants with entries on the day itself will have free starting times and will have no chestnumbers.
  • Control descriptions for all courses will be available in the starting box (at -2 min.).
  • Each runner shall be present at the start at least 5 min. before their start time, with a clearly visible Sylvester5 chest number and an SI-finger. Runners without these attributes are not allowed to start! The SI-finger must be initialised outside the starting box by using first the clear control (wait for audio signal which indicates that it is cleared) and then the check control (audio signal confirms that clearing was done properly). At -3 min. the runner enters the starting zone and has to place her/his SI-finger in the check control, while name, chestnumber and SI-number are checked; at -2 min. the runner takes the control description; at -1 min. the runner takes place beside her/his map box; on the signal of the start the runner takes his/her map and on the fifth (= longer) beep he/she starts. If there is a start control it is the responsibility of the runner to place her/his SI-fnger in the start control before leaving the start box.
  • Each runner is responsible for the initialisation of her/his SI-finger as well as taking the correct map.
  • No change of starting time will be accepted.
  • Late starters have to follow the instructions from the startteam/responsible.
  • After having crossed the finish line, the race is finished and the participant is not allowed to re-enter the competition zone.
  • Each runner is responsible for the stopping of his/her running time at the finish post as well as the reading-out of his/her SI-finger at the CC and this prior to the closing of the controls.
  • The results will be published in the CC.
  • The official results will be published on the website
    The link to the results will be available on and
  • For the courses SD, LD, SE and MM there will be only a day classification.
  • There will be no classification for the guided W-10B and M-10B (from one or more guided runs).
  • Each runner gets points every day he/she participated according to the Scottisch system (the time of the winner is divided by the running time and the quotient is multiplied by one thousand. Rounding happens upwards. The winner obtains so one thousand points).
  • The four best results (points) per participant are eligible for the final ranking.
  • Participants who take part less than three days and gain 1000 points, might be taken out of competition.
  • The proclamation of the overall results will take place on Dec. 30 at 2.00 p.m. in the CC of the last race. A prize will be given to the first three competitors of each categorie in the overall classification.
  • All M/W-10 and M/W-10B will receive a prize.
  • There is no prize giving for the courses SD, LD, SE, MM and children-O.
  • The names of the jury members (+ reserves) will be proclaimed at the CC each day.
  • The decisions of the judges are final.
  • Only written complaints can be handed in at the secretariat till 2 hours after the last start of the concerned race. For the event on day 5 it can only be done till 15 minutes after the final results are published.
  • The IOF-rules for international events will be applied.
  • The SI-system will be used. There is a possibility to rent an SI-finger at the secretariat (if booked in advance and with a caution of € 50).
  • Closing of the controls: 2 hours after the last start. It is necessary to read out the SI-finger within those 2 hours in order to be taken up into the results. Later is not possible! Those runners will be noted as “did not finish”.
  • We ask you to take care of the environment and to assist in keeping the finish area free of litter.
  • All competitors are responsible for their own insurance cover. OV- and FRSO-members can rely on the insurance of their club/federation.
  • The organiser accepts no responsibility nor third party liability. The same principle holds against the forestry authorities, the owners of the land and the municipal officials.

Good luck & have fun!


Deadline for registration is 15 Dec.

For members of OV and FRSO: via O-punch.

For non OV- or FRSO-members and foreigners: Will be through Orienteering Online.

Day entries will be possible.